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That Time of Year – Winterize your Home

houseOver time, small efforts at saving can add up to big bucks. Consider these low-tech tips to help offset some of your heating costs this winter.

  • Windows – Up to 40 percent of the heat escaping from your home is from uncovered windows.1 Use an easy-to-install window insulator kit that provides clear heat shrink window film and window film mounting tape in a variety of sizes. Follow it up with heavy, lined drapes that extend below the window frame to keep cool air from entering your rooms. On sunny days, open the curtains.
  • Doors – If you can see light around the edges of your doors, you should replace the weather stripping. This can be done for less than $10. Another way to cut down on drafts inside your house is to slice a pool noodle lengthwise, wrap it in fabric and slide it under the door.
  • Floors – Add area rugs in parts of the house with wood, tile or laminate flooring.
  • Fireplace – Replace trifold screens and spark guards with glass doors. Be sure to close the flue completely when not in use.
  • Furniture – Rearrange your rooms so that large pieces, such as a bed or sofa, are not in front of a radiator, a large window or pushed up against an external wall.
  • Ceiling fans – Adjust the button to set them clockwise in the winter at a lower speed, which will drive warm air down into the room.
  • Pile on – It’s faster and cheaper to warm up your body temperature than an entire house, so put on a soft hat and extra layers before turning up the thermostat. Arrange the sheets on your bed so that soft, fluffy blankets are positioned next to the skin, while thin, dense blankets are layered between sheets and a comforter to trap heat and prevent convective heat loss.

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Source: AE Marketing Hub