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POA/Acute Care for an Elderly Parent

power-of-atorneyIt’s important to plan ahead for the likelihood of an acute medical event for an elderly parent, such as a fall or stroke (may it never happen). The following are tips to help take the necessary steps now, so you can focus on the patient’s care and mental well-being if-and-when that time comes:

  • One person should procure the parent’s durable power of attorney in order to make legal and financial transactions on his or her behalf.
  • Also procure durable power of attorney to make health care decisions for the parent in the event he or she cannot.
  • The parent needs to complete a release form to authorize doctors to share medical information.
  • The person with the health care durable power of attorney should be the main point of contact for the parent’s doctors; not the entire family.
  • Investigate acute care/rehab facilities in the area now, before they are needed, and use this information to develop a contingency financial plan should you need it — including Medicare and private insurance reimbursement policies.
  • Focus on the loved one and be there for them as they need that just as much if not more than the medical/financial assistance and care.

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