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Meet the CEO


Simcha Aryeh - CEOAfter graduating from Cal Poly Tech with a business-finance degree, Aryeh’s professional career began as a financial consultant to small companies. He then, moved to Chicago, joining The Financial Group, a 75 year old financial services firm, which was a local branch of a Fortune 500 company. He became the top financial planner in that firm, leading the 40 local Chicago planners in 1998 , 1999, and 2000. By the year 2000, he ranked number 3 in the entire Fortune 500 company nationwide.

In early 2001, he went independent and decided to work exclusively with safe investments that are not subject to market risk.

His professional focus is helping his clients preserve their wealth and have guaranteed income for the rest of their lives. None of Aryeh’s clients lost a penny in the crashes of March 2000 through October 2002 or in October 2007 through March 2009 in the vehicles he recommended.

On a personal level, Aryeh is devoted to family. He is one of the pillars of his community especially in the area of education and has initiated a number of charitable projects to improve his community’s schools. Aryeh loves to exercise and has participated in marathons, triathlons, charity bike rides, and an iron-man event.

Aryeh Goldbloom is CEO of AGT The Safe Money People, a comprehensive financial services firm offering financial, estate, and tax planning to help seniors protect their wealth. He has put together a team of caring, knowledgeable & professional people that work together with clients to establish safety, growth and peace of mind in retirement.