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Meet Our Team

Brian-Dominik Brian Dominik
– Senior Client Services Specialist
Chirch Anthony Chirchirillo
– Certified Financial Planner
Linus Linus Park
– Financial Analyst



Brian Dominik -Senior Client Services Specialist

Brian Dominik
Senior Client Services Specialist



Anthony Chirchirillo - Financial Planner

Anthony Chirchirillo
Certified Financial Planner





Linus Park - Financial Analyst

Linus Park
Certified Financial Analyst




AGT The Safe Money People is a financial services company dedicated to helping our clients preserve their wealth.  We help our clients preserve the wealth they have accumulated over their working lifetimes, and are proud of the fact that when the markets crashed in March 2000 through October 2002 and again in October 2007 through March 2009, none of our clients lost a penny in the avenues we recommended.

We seek out and recommend financial vehicles that are first of all, safe and guaranteed, and second, provide enough growth to consistently overcome inflation and taxes.  We are experts at providing the best-performing safe money vehicles available.

In addition, we provide, under one roof, all the financial services associated with preserving wealth.