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Frank Greenfield

Illinois law mandates who will get your assets if you die without a will. Without proper planning, a court will decide who gets your assets and in what proportion. We spend our whole life building a “nest egg” and striving to protect our assets from devastating losses, but then we ignore the absolute necessity of having an estate plan that suits our specific wishes. A properly crafted estate plan goes hand-in-hand with a well-conceived financial plan. Both plans are best served with the help of your financial planner and an attorney.

The basic components of an estate plan are a will, a durable power of attorney, and a health care directive. In addition, regardless of the size of your estate, circumstances often dictate establishing a living trust. A living trust serves a multitude of purposes, including the management of a bequest to a child or grandchild, insuring that your assets stay in your bloodline, and eliminating the cost and public exposure of a lengthy probate court proceeding. If you have an estate plan but do not really understand what it says or why it takes so many pages to say it, you owe it to yourself to talk to an attorney who speaks in terms you understand. No one should ever sign a legal document they don’t understand, period.

AGT encourages its clients to have an estate plan as a key component of their financial plan. Over the past several years, Frank Greenfield, an attorney, in private practice with more than 40 years experience, has advised hundreds of AGT clients in the area of estate planning. Frank is an extremely knowledgeable attorney, who will explain complex legal documents in a respectful and understandable manner. We can arrange as a courtesy for you to meet with Frank at our office in Skokie. Contact us to make an appointment, not an excuse. (All this and more, all under one roof)

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