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Changes to Social Security – Primarily the file & suspend strategy

Congress is putting an end to two Social Security filing strategies that many couples have used to add tens of thousands of dollars to their retirement incomes. But there’s a six-month window in which couples who are at least 66 years old can take advantage of them, as well as a partial reprieve for some […]


You may be thinking, “Why do I need a trust? I don’t have a large estate and don’t need any fancy estate planning. And getting a trust is expensive and complicated.” We’re going to explain, in a few simple words, why you will probably benefit from a living trust. A living trust is a written […]


Lisa is the client of the month for May. She has been part of our AGT family since 2008. Her cheery personality and attitude is shown from within and out. Enjoy your gift and thank you for being part of our team.

A raving review from one of our clients which included Hannah

Hannah is a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life. She has been sharing her success at our annual homemade brunch each week. She and her husband Gary have lost over 50 pounds each and their lifestyle has tremendously improved. Hannah helps others to achieve their goals in this area and to put the […]


Social Security plays a critical role in our society. For more than 65% of those over 65, the monthly Social Security benefit checks provide more than half of their total income. With all its flaws, Social Security is the main pillar of financial security for most retirees and it’s the only source of guaranteed lifetime […]