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Helpful Hints to Make Your Money Resolutions Stick

If your 2016 resolution is to spend less and save more, you’re not alone. A quarter of US consumers are making money-saving resolutions, according to Nielsen surveys. While everyone sets out with the best of intentions, the truth is that only eight percent of us are successful at achieving our New Year’s goals, according to […]

Tips for Affordable Traveling in 2016

If travel is a part of your plan for the new year, 2016 looks to be a good time to do it. You don’t have to break the bank, but if you do want to save cash it’s all about where you’re going and how you book getting there. Planning is key to saving money […]

2016 Tax Season Opens Jan. 19

Following a review of the tax extenders legislation signed into law last week, the Internal Revenue Service announced that the 2016 tax season will begin as scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 19. The IRS will begin accepting individual electronic returns that day. IRS officials expect to receive more than 150 million individual returns in 2016, with more […]

Tax facts about long-term care insurance

Traditional long-term care insurance (LTCI) policies that meet the IRS requirements are treated as tax-qualified policies. These policies can generate tax breaks for clients, but those breaks depend on the client’s circumstances. (Non-tax-qualified policies don’t provide any tax advantages.) Here’s what you need to know. Premium Deductibility LTCI policyholders who itemize their deductions and have […]

What’s the Diagnosis?

The health care industry continues to focus on ways to reduce costs while improving clinical outcomes. In a recent report, researchers discovered that about one in every 10 patient deaths can be attributed, at least in part, to errors in diagnosis. The study revealed that approximately 5 percent of outpatients experience a diagnostic error each […]

Trust Professionals Who Know You

Every day we watch the news and read articles about how the markets and economic environment are faring, and many times, the news isn’t all that good. Media organizations often interview various analysts to comment on how the news could impact consumers, and frequently these pundits will offer guidance on a given subject. However, it’s […]

Power of Attorney Variations, Based on Need

There are numerous reasons why a person may wish to assign an “attorney-in-fact” role to an agent to make financial decisions and/or conduct transactions on his or her behalf. Say you’re purchasing a second home in another state, but can’t make it to the closing. You can grant your real-estate agent the right to sign […]

New Job, Older Worker

Some married couples watch a newly divorced friend re-enter the dating pool and think, “Oh thank goodness we don’t have to do that.” Similarly, many older workers who are secure in their career or job thank their lucky stars when they learn that another mature worker has been laid off or, for one reason or […]

Downsizing Can Help Retirement Savings Last

Ideally, in retirement, you reduce your monthly expenses. No more commute, less need for work-related clothes and dry cleaning, and the ability to eat lunch at home every day. But is it enough savings to balance the lack of income from work? If you’re like many retirees, near-retirees or even those just starting to plan […]

Is Your Cash Gift Taxable?

Parents and grandparents often dole out “gifts” to the children to help with various and sundry expenses. But when is a cash gift taxable to the recipient? Gifts up to $14,000 from an individual (or $24,000 from a legally married couple) aren’t taxable, according to the IRS, but you may have to pay taxes on […]