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Prepare Now To Help Your Heirs

Good news: you may outlive your investments. And if you do, whatever’s left will go to your heirs. While that may be a simple process if you leave a spouse, it could get tricky for your children or other heirs. Failing to prepare “can completely squander your legacy,” says Matthew E. Rappaport of the Sahn […]

That Time of Year – Winterize your Home

Over time, small efforts at saving can add up to big bucks. Consider these low-tech tips to help offset some of your heating costs this winter. Windows – Up to 40 percent of the heat escaping from your home is from uncovered windows.1 Use an easy-to-install window insulator kit that provides clear heat shrink window […]

Estate Planning Basics

Chances are, you’re probably not spending too much time thinking about end-of-life planning. And while you may or may not be in your prime, you may have loved ones who will soon face these questions. It’s unhappy to think about, but you might be the one tasked with sorting out their affairs. Knowing the basics […]

Estate Planning 101

For those who haven’t yet done any estate planning — finalizing legal documents to manage and pass on property and set out wishes for end-of-life matters — it’s likely on their list of things to do. You can provide some encouragement by taking the time to understand and then explain some of the basic arrangements […]

Single? Estate planning is still essential

These days, more people are living single than ever before. In 1970, just about one- third of Americans 15 and older were single, according to U.S. census data. Today, that number’s closer to 50 percent. Whether never married, divorced or widowed, singles need to pay just as much attention to their estate planning as married […]

Changes to Social Security – Primarily the file & suspend strategy

Congress is putting an end to two Social Security filing strategies that many couples have used to add tens of thousands of dollars to their retirement incomes. But there’s a six-month window in which couples who are at least 66 years old can take advantage of them, as well as a partial reprieve for some […]

Tax facts about long-term care insurance

Traditional long-term care insurance (LTCI) policies that meet the IRS requirements are treated as tax-qualified policies. These policies can generate tax breaks for clients, but those breaks depend on the client’s circumstances. (Non-tax-qualified policies don’t provide any tax advantages.) Here’s what you need to know. Premium Deductibility LTCI policyholders who itemize their deductions and have […]

What’s the Diagnosis?

The health care industry continues to focus on ways to reduce costs while improving clinical outcomes. In a recent report, researchers discovered that about one in every 10 patient deaths can be attributed, at least in part, to errors in diagnosis. The study revealed that approximately 5 percent of outpatients experience a diagnostic error each […]

Finding a Home for an Elderly Person

We spend a lot of time researching where to spend our vacations, where to send our children to college, where to spend or invest our money and even how to create meal plans, whether for a big family occasion or nightly dinners. However, one thing that thousands of proactive planners do not do until it’s […]


You may be thinking, “Why do I need a trust? I don’t have a large estate and don’t need any fancy estate planning. And getting a trust is expensive and complicated.” We’re going to explain, in a few simple words, why you will probably benefit from a living trust. A living trust is a written […]